This a list of all the Divine Names that have appeared in Unsong to date. Some of these haven't appeared yet, but Scott posted a list of all the "minor" names he sprinkles throughout the text and their functions.

The Abjuring Name Edit

Can cancel some effects of Names of less than 25 syllables.

The Amnestic Name Edit

Target forgets one second of their life[1]
Aaron can't remember the details of this name.

Almost certainly a reference to amnestics (a type of memory-erasing drug) in the SCP Foundation stories.

The Ascending Name Edit

So I ran to the side of the house. The Ascending Name would send me up to the balcony, but they would probably hear me, either through the Sentinel Name or the normal channels. My options were kind of limited. I spoke it anyway, fast as I could, and got hit by a bullet. It hurt. I jumped through where the front window would be if I hadn’t collapsed the front of the house and made it into the apartment above ours.

The Avalanche Name Edit

It was a simple name, the Avalanche Name, only eleven letters, not very good at hurting people but excellent for collapsing buildings. Also good at getting people’s attention. Ana was a sound sleeper. Once she’d told me she wouldn’t wake up even if the house fell down around her. I figured she was exaggerating. I guess we would find out.

The Bulletproof Name Edit

While they were adjusting, I spoke the Bulletproof Name, which would protect me from exactly one bullet. Names must be spoken clearly and distinctly. Unless you’re the Comet King or something, you can’t get much more than eight or ten letters a second. The Bulletproof name was forty letters , which meant four to five seconds. That meant I wasn’t so much safe as “safe from anyone who couldn’t shoot me twice within a four second interval”. Once again, I did not expect UNSONG to have that problem.

The Cavernous Name Edit

Causes a large cave to form[1]

The Charismatic Name Edit

The person who hears you speak it likes you more[1]

The Chromatic Name Edit

Changes the color of an object[1]

The Coagulant Name Edit

Stops bleeding[1]

The Confounding Name Edit

Confuses whatever memory or thought is on somebody's mind at the moment.[1]
Aaron can't remember how effective it is.

The Enlivening Name Edit

Awakens unconscious or comatose people[1]

The Explicit Name Edit

Shem haMephorash, the Explicit Name of God, the True Name, the Most Holy Name, which gave its wielder power over all Creation.

It was thought to be Either Harold or Juan.

The Extinguishing Name Edit

Puts out fire[1]

The Fertile Name Edit

The Fertile Name brings forth grain from the earth, speeding the growth of crops by nearly half.

The Vital Name Edit

Today at work, I accidentally discovered a Name that gives souls to non-living objects. Like, not just turns them into golems. But actual souls. Nobody knows.

The Wakening Name Edit

Me, the guy who had gotten a $70 fine earlier that day for using a Divine Name to wake me up because the coffee pot was empty.

The Sentinel Name Edit

"Whenever you use a protected Name of God,” I continued “UNSONG agents with the Sentinel Name tattooed above their ear, and the Names involve tattooed on their foreheads, can track your location."

The Vanishing Name Edit


“What does the Vanishing Name do? It’s no less than a form of teleportation! Speak the Name, and you disappear and reappear somewhere else within a few hundred miles. According to my sources one of the test subjects in Pittsburgh ended up in Akron, and another one in Erie. The precise range is unknown, and the destination doesn’t seem to be under voluntary control. Hence the label. It’s useful for getting out of a situation, but not necessarily getting into one. Useful for, for example, underground Unitarian choir members in exactly the types of problems we’re hoping to avoid.”

“So what’s the catch to this seemingly astounding discovery? First, the Vanishing Name teleports you to a situation complementary to the one you were trying to get out of. Both of the testers in Pittsburgh, for example, ended up in laboratories devoted to the testing of kabbalistic Names. So there you are in a laboratory testing a kabbalistic Name in Pittsburgh, and you speak the Name, and you end up in a laboratory testing a kabbalistic Name in Akron.

The Luminous Name Edit

The Luminous Name had been worked into various prayers and magic squares and configurations to produce lights of dizzying shapes and colors.

The Kinetic Name Edit

Clever inventors in self-funded workshops had incorporated the Kinetic Name into all sorts of little gadgets and doodads.

The Purifying Name Edit

The Purifying Name instantly kills eighteen species of harmful bacteria, including two that are resistant to all but the most toxic antibiotics. But two-thirds of American hospitals have no one licensed to use the Purifying Name. Why not? Because they can’t afford the licensing fees demanded by Gogmagog.


“Sacred kabbalistic marriage of minds,” said Erica.


Grants a "married" couple the ability to communicate telepathically. Doesn't work properly between two women, or possibly cousins.

The Moon-Finding Name Edit

Fourteen Hebrew letters: "KUHU-SHEN-TAR-TAVAL-ANASASI-VA"

A bright light appeared a couple of feet in front of my face. From the light sprung a beam, pointing up and a little to the west. ... “It shows the location of the moon,” I said.

The Optometry Name Edit

"The Name was HANAPHOR-KOTA-SALUSI-NAI-AVORA-STE-KORUSA. I spoke it once, then took off my glasses. I had perfect 20-20 vision."

The Tenebrous Name Edit

I spoke the Tenebrous Name and plunged the street into darkness.

The Thunderclap Name Edit

I reached into my pocket, pulled out my scroll wheel, and activated the Thunderclap Name. A deafening boom filled the room. Everybody went silent.

The Motive Name Edit

You can still run a car on internal combustion, if for some reason you don’t trust the Motive Name.

Wrathful Name Edit

The wrathful name is fifty letters long. Has "the power of a hydrogen bomb"[2].

The Mortal Name Edit

The shortest effective Name of God is the Tetragrammaton. [...] The rabbis said it was so holy that God would smite any impure person who said it.
In these more enlightened times, we know better. We call it the Mortal Name, and it just so happens to be a Name whose power is to kill the speaker.

References Edit

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